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Bitcoin Gold (BTG) Rank 25 $18.62 USD  (0.4)%

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Bitcoin Gold was launched as a hard fork on November 12, 2017 by bitcoin enthusiasts. Bitcoin Gold differentiates itself from Bitcoin in 2 main ways: New Mining Algorithm - BTG uses Proof-of-Work (PoW) algorithms where miners with sophisticated pieces of machinery (ASICs) gained an edge over those without. BTG provides an equal opportunity for all, keeping in line with Nakamoto’s vision of one computer = one vote. Replay Protection - As BTG contains the same transaction history prior to the fork, malicious users could replicate transactions i.e. receive crypto twice. Replay protection disables the possibility of that occurring. BTG’s total supply is 17,060,649 with 16,960,649 in circulation. Utility: Payments and storer of value. Bitcoin Gold’s Roadmap include payment systems integration, social outreach, and the development of brokerage network.
Market Cap
Volume (24h)

$320,109,000 USD

$5,571,430 USD