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Holo is a blockchain powered platform which allows its users to access decentralized Holochain applications. In order to enjoy easy access from a browser, developers make use of Holo along with their Holo Applications. With just the simple typing in of a URL, end users can access the decentralized apps and this doesn’t even require the installation of the Holochain software. People installing the Holochain software can also run the Holo hosting software. These people then earn money from their computer memory space to the network. The Holo Roadmap for 2018 includes additions such as Holo events like QIEX Exchange Listing and the announcement of the New Name. We will try to publish all Holo Events and the Holo Roadmap on this page.
Market Cap
Volume (24h)

$76,534,100 USD

$2,072,650 USD